Teaser: A rough guide to living other people’s dreams – with Joe McPherson

There really is a podcast coming – and one episode is going to (eventually) shine a light on a fellow Alabamian Joe McPherson – a guy who made his mark on the food and culture scene in Seoul, Korea in some very unusual and impressive ways. (Update: Joe was recently included as an “influential” foreigner in Korea on Wikipedia.) This little teaser of that interview comes with a warning – amateur, aspiring podcasters like myself don’t always use their equipment correctly, causing ambling, funny and insightful interviews with colorful characters like Joe to be extreme hell to make listenable. I’ll do my best. Stay tuned for … something… (PS I know.. that’s not fried chicken in the video)

For the audio only or download go to the media player below:

Without further ado… a long overdue teaser

finally here’s a little Rootabaga teaser for you patient supporters

It took far too long, but finally here’s a little Rootabaga teaser for you patient supporters (in the player below)… to be followed by full episodes very soon.  And look for a podcast format in coming weeks (i.e. downloadable on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms.) A huge debt of gratitude goes to Wendy Tennery for all her creative input, technical support, hours and hour of work on editing and otherwise trying to make this thing happen. Thanks Wend!

Other shout outs:

Wendy Tennery for endless editing, creative input, motivation and more, James Evans for the wicked and fun logo, Light Organ Records for the music, and everyone who gave me their time for an interview or otherwise helped me along or cheered on the idea of this podcast.

Childhood friends in Hotlanta

One of the cool things about doing this podcast about interesting expats is that it brought me to home turf for the first time in years and connected me to some old friends I haven’t seen in 20 or 30 years. One being @fyicary, who invited me to contribute to the mural in his amazing Buckhead, Atlanta loft. @rootabagapodcast logo, hand chalked by me. 😁 And great IPA-fueled hang.

Anyong, Korea

What a crazy trip to Korea. So much jammed packed in I haven’t had time to share any proper photos, videos, stories. Will have to do it from the US. But in 16 days I interviewed several old friends and acquaintances for Rootabaga, I met up with tons of old friends, hung out with an actress, a model (impressed yet? 😎), an old rock star I was a fan of in the 90s, ate amazing meals, drank more than I should have and saw remote places I’d never been. Can’t wait to share more soon…

再見 Hong Kong, ជំរាបសួរ Cambodia

No podcast episodes planned from Cambodia but it is a stop along the way – and I did run into an old colleague who, like myself and a couple of upcoming Rootabaga guests, hails from Alabama. He’s a long-term expat – a small-town Alabama lawyer who ended up teaching in Asia and eastern Europe and resides part of the year in Cambodia with his wife.  Had a few too many Angkor beers and forgot to take a photo together but did manage to take a few shots of Phnom Penh the last few days.





Mui Wo to Central Blues

Inspired by my decision to quit my job last week (Jan 8 2018) to work on the Rootabaga podcast full time, I made this little video of my commute from my little village in the Outer Islands of Hong Kong to my office in the city. Figured I’d want to remember it on down the line. Enjoy…

More videos soon sharing the making of the podcast.


Music – Mui Wo to Central Blues by me made on Garageband

Equipment – Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Smooth Q gimbal stick