E01: A little taste of Rootabaga

Episode 1 of Rootabaga takes you on a little tour of upcoming interviews with some of the more creative and interesting expats I’ve met in my 23 years living in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Vancouver and mainland China. You’ll meet musicians, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and assorted colorful characters who chose to call foreign countries home. You’ll also hear some great original music along the way.

Special thanks to Wendy Tennery for all her contributions, hard work, and ideas. Huge thanks to all the interviewees who gave their time and energy to help me out. Thanks to all the friends and colleagues who supported and encouraged the idea.

Huge props to all the people who are letting me use their music in this podcast. I get so much of a buzz editing the parts with their songs that it makes me want to do a podcast dedicated to the music I love. I am seriously honored to know so many talented musicians and I got more music sent to me than I can actually use – for now.

And a big thanks to Light Organ Records, which is letting me use the music of We Need Surgery in each episode.

If you like the podcast and the concept, your reviews mean A LOT. 

Check out our SoundCloud page for links to some full versions of songs you hear in episodes.

Songs in the podcast in order of appearance: (Click to listen)
FallWe Need Surgery – Light Organ Records
Why’s It Always Gotta be This Way – We Need Surgery – Light Organ Records
Wasting (Demo) – Valentino Avignoni
Money Is Your Answer – Paul Johnson/Steve Johnson
My Turn – Lim Jungkyu/Mineri
Fall – We Need Surgery – Light Organ Records
All songs used with permission