E03: Marc Chavaneau – a violin maker from Orléans, France with deep roots in South Korea

When luthier Marc Chavaneau left his 15th century violin workshop in Orléans, France in 1997 for a one-year contract to make and repair violins and cellos in South Korea, he never expected that he wouldn’t be returning for good. Find out how that one year working for a dodgy employer in a work-visa black hole would change this craftsman’s life forever.



Big thanks Marc and his family for the nice meal and time together for the interview. To Wendy Tennery for her support and contribution to editing this episode. And to Light Organ Records for letting me use the music of We Need Surgery in each episode. Listen to full songs in the links below.

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Songs in the podcast: (click to listen)
FallWe Need Surgery – Light Organ Records
Why’s It Gotta be This Way – We need Surgery – Light Organ Records
You Won’t Be Alone (demo) – Brandon Butler

All songs used with permission

Coming in episode #3 – a Frenchman’s long career making violins in Korea

Coming soon in Episode 3 I meet up with my old friend Marc Chavaneau in South Korea where he has been making and repairing violins and cellos for a long 20-year career. We hand out in his instrument-filled atelier where he helps a young player with her posture, makes some repairs on her violin and tells all about his sometimes zany experiences as a craftsman doing business in Korea.

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