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New tees on the way (then new episode)

It’s been a rough few weeks since you last heard from Rootabaga. I am trying to get my ass in gear for another episode. Still have a few more guests with amazing stories but it’s been hard to find time to put the next one together. Hang tight. If you have heard an episode or two please give me some feedback, good or bad. Leave a review in your favorite podcast player, or drop a line here or by email. But anyway, really looking forward to having a Rootabaga tee-shirt…. Check out the work in progress:

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Deciding on a new logo is tough work

Been trying to choose a logo for Rootabaga. It’s tough. But at least the office is comfy – on the island of Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. After quitting my job in Hong Kong, I needed a little vacay before starting more interviews in Korea and the US. This was the perfect spot.


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Calling Hong Kong quits to do a podcast

Only one way to do a podcast with face-to-face interviews in a bunch of different countries – pack up and go. 🛶

In this case it means putting everything in storage, giving up the comfy apartment, and calling it quits in Hong Kong. Off we go Feb. 20.




Good bye cozy rooftop..

Stay tuned for updates on the road if you are following…

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