When Covid-19 first walloped the world, I was on a short vacation in Cambodia from my job in China. Deciding whether to go back to where I had called home for the past few years or take refuge in Cambodia or Vietnam during a pandemic wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

In episode 6 I just recount some of the places and people I encountered and the process of dealing with the corona virus that broke out during my short Chinese New Year vacation. I ended up staying in Cambodia a bit before going to Ho Chi Min City and eventually buying a bicycle and attempting to ride to Hanoi.

Here are a few images related to the stories in the podcast:

Pre-Covid on a pristine island

Chinese casino development in Sihanoukville

An alligator gar, a prehistoric fish native to the Americas, jumped out of a pond and put a huge gash into my finger at a posh little boutique hotel

Kampot rocks

Saigon for a month

First days on the bike, sleeping on the floor of a brothel

Up the coast

Tobacco curing & a hot springs reward

Buon Ma Thuot & Happy Homestay

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