The home stretch was a long one

It’s been about six weeks since I left my job and life in Hong Kong to complete this little podcast project and completion is getting close. Four countries, six or so new interviews, and uncountable cities (and craft beers) later, I am finally here in Atlanta with Wendy – a major motivator, contributor, editor and sometimes combator (made that one up to keep ’em rhyming). A couple of weeks of intense audio fiddling (and learning how to make a podcast) and we should have a product for you.  Until then we’ll be posting some previews and other random content to keep your curiosity piqued (we hope) – starting with this little compilation of some of the highlights of my journey…

From Hong Kong I went straight to Cambodia and Vietnam for some much needed R&R after three and a half years of a high-stress banking job with much-too-short vacations.




Colin?? Echo etc?


Then it was back to Korea to finish up some interviews.


Then Los Angeles for…..

Paul, Dave, Elaine,


San Francisco…









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