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Update April 5, 2018: About to leave California after interviewing Dave Sperling of Dave’s ESL Cafe (.com) fame, Paul Johnson, the bassist from my old band We need Surgery and Elaine Chou, a Taiwanese hypnotherapist plying her trade in China via Skype from Los Angeles! A couple of weeks of intense editing with my fearless partner Wendy in Atlanta and we should have some episodes for you. Stay tuned for teasers and other content till then!


Update Feb, 2018:  No episodes of Rootabaga are ready just yet but we still want to share our journey with you as I travel the globe to collect interviews and get ready for launch. It will take some time but the adventure is a blast so far and we’re confident the end product will be worth sticking around for. Until the final interview episodes are ready please do stay tuned for some teaser episodes, photos and blogposts about the journey.


Rootabaga is a podcast in production. Join me as I travel the globe to bring you interviews with some of the amazing expats I’ve been lucky to meet in my 23 years as an English teacher, drummer and financial editor in Asia and Canada. You’ll hear from two fellow Alabama boys who decided to show a country famed worldwide for its own barbecue how to do BBQ southern style. If I can track her down – you may find out why one vivacious young Ukrainian has chosen to live her life out of a backpack for almost three years now as she hitchhikes from Eastern Europe to who knows where. Then there’s my dear Korean friend who also happens to be a political dissident and spiritual guru who lives off the grid in Hawaii, South America and a remote mountain cabin near the North Korean border. In short, people like me who couldn’t resist the urge to put down roots in a place far away from home.

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Author: B Butler

Working hard to bring you fun podcast episodes shining a spotlight on some of the colorful expats I have met in my 20 years living abroad. Stay tuned for Rootabaga.

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