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E06: Stranded in paradise – riding out Covid in SE Asia

When Covid-19 first walloped the world, I was on a short vacation in Cambodia from my job in China. Deciding whether to go back to where I had called...

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E05: Dave Sperling – the man who launched a thousand expat careers

Here's the scoop behind this ESL legend's own life as an early internet entrepreneur, teacher, traveler, tech geek and family man and how he created the website that seems...

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E04: Traversing a world of words with Jordan A.Y. Smith

California native (Dr.) Jordan A.Y. Smith talks about his prolific life in Japan as a professor, translator, poet and sometimes rapper, about poetry as an antidote to loneliness, the...

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E03: Marc Chavaneau – a violin maker from Orléans, France with deep roots in South Korea

When luthier Marc Chavaneau left his 15th century violin workshop in Orléans, France in 1997 for a one-year contract to make and repair violins and cellos in South Korea,...

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E02: Linus Kim’s long road to Bama-style BBQ in Seoul

Rootabaga offers up its first ever full episode with a trip from Hong Kong to Seoul, South Korea to interview Linus Kim – a fellow Alabamian who has gone...

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E01: A little taste of Rootabaga

Episode 1 of Rootabaga takes you on a little tour of upcoming interviews with some of the more creative and interesting expats I’ve met in my 23 years living...

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